Coffee Mug cake

Coffee Mug cake
Coffee Mug cake

I’m trying my luck again this year. I have shipped this to Austin TX to my daughter for her boyfriend’s birthday. It is meant to resemble the mugs he makes as shown in the second picture (RhynoClayWorks). The handle cracked so I made another one (a little thicker) and my daughter will have to place it on the cake when she receives it. It is chocolate cake filled with biscof SMBC frosted with chocolate SMBC & MMF. Had a little trouble with my marshmallow fondant this time so it is not my neatest work but it’s the thought that counts.


looks great! :) Fingers and toes crossed it makes it in one piece !


It looks awesome Goreti! I love the mugs he make too!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Awesome job!! I love it ❤

Amanda Bowman

Fabulous and so thoughtful.

How sweet of you! Fingers crossed it makes it!

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

This is so amazing love love it


What an awesome cake and such a thoughtful design!! Hope the second handle arrives problem free =D

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ -

Thanks everyone. Last year’s arrived in perfect condition so hopefully this one will too. We will see. It should be there by Friday.

Great cake G….great job emulating the coffee mug. I’m sure Ryan & Melanie are gonna love it!! ❤️

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