A Blue Winter

A Blue Winter
A Blue Winter A Blue Winter

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with lots of joy, love blessings and success. I have been MIA due to my mother-in-law being ill. I try to get on her every now and then to see all the beautiful cakes being posted and apologize if I have missed any of those I follow.

Since November she has been ill, in the hospital, then rehab, then rushed to hospital again a week ago and now back to rehab. She is doing much better.

In order to relax, I found myself in my cake room making this cake while hubby has been back and forth to the hospital with her. I wanted to try some new stuff and since it was not edible, there is disco dust on the icicles and in the second tier. I love the sparkle : ) and wish the camera would be more disco dust friendly and capture its beauty!!
The icicles were made using wafer paper with royal icing. The flower, leaves and berries are made with fondant. I airbrushed them with edible paint then used petal dust to give them shimmer.

Hope you enjoy it.



So so pretty and amazing …wish you all the best and i hope your mother inlaw feels better


Glad to hear your mother in law is doing well and hope she continues too 😊 this is a such a beautiful cake and I love all the details!

Amanda Bowman

Thank you so much Danijela, Tiny & Amanda for your wonderful comments and well wishes : )


Simply gorgeous!

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so elegant, classy and beautiful… I hope your m-in-lw is feeling better soon…..big concern….for sure more of a priority than being on CD… ❤️

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