Merry Christmas cake!

Merry Christmas cake!
Merry Christmas cake! Merry Christmas cake! Merry Christmas cake!

The end of the year is upon us; a time for renewed hope; a time to celebrate all the highs and reflect on what we have learned from the lows of the year. A time to look around us and notice all the gifts we have. Not material gifts, but those gifts that cannot be measured: love from others, kindness from others, happiness, joy, humour..the list goes on and on.

Yet, this year I found myself with a lack of Christmas spirit. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the stress at work or the gloomy weather we’ve been having here or the feeling of not being ready for the first time ever and I thought to myself, what can I do to get my spirit back?


And so I decided to make this little gift cake…my present to myself, to make me happy. Baking brings me joy, happiness and peace. What better things to bring back my Christmas spirit?

It worked. And so in closing, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! Remember, prosperity doesn’t come from having every material thing, it comes from appreciating that which you have already. I appreciate each one of you and I can’t wait to start 2015 with you all.

Merry Christmas and Keep on Baking!

Melanie (One Tier At A Time)


Lovely cake! Happy holiday season to you too :-)

*** Baked with Love ***

That’s adorable — especially that light!! enjoy the holidays!!

S. Faisal --

Oh Melanie, what lovely, wise words and such a stylish, unique cake. :-) x

Julia Hardy

So so cute i love it and merry xmas