LEGO MOVIE Cake with Batman & Emmet

LEGO MOVIE Cake with Batman & Emmet
LEGO MOVIE Cake with Batman & Emmet

Made this Lego Movie cake for a repeat client whose daughter’s cake I made a few months back. This time, they wanted a Lego Movie theme for Lucas’ 4th, with Batman as the star and Emmet as his sidekick. I was fresh out of design ideas that would not require too much work as I was just coming off a very busy few months and was not up to doing anything too labour intensive. I tried to come up with a more original idea but in the end, went with the typical buildings in a Batman theme but used yellow rather than the typical grey or blue background, airbrushed with a bit of orange.

I am pretty happy with the sharp edges though and this time, I did not end up covering them up hahaha!

The 3D Lego figures were made using the same method as for my previous ones for which I had made a tutorial before. Here is the link again for anyone interested – I added some fondant backdrops behind the figures to make them pop. I had wanted to add the lego dots on them, but in the end ran out of time. The clouds were made using the new FMM cloud cutters…where have you been all my decorating life?

TFL – Violet =D

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ -


Fab design . . Wow, enviable sharp edges. Perfect xx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Oh Violet, I love it! So adorable!! Those edges certainly are sharp and perfect! Love the airbrushing you did. It really adds to the depth of the cake!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Fab cake! Love it!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

LOVE this cake, amazing sharp edges :D Cute design!! You are the master !!

Dina @ miettes,