The Lovely Bones - Sir Peter Jackson Collaboration

I had the honour of being apart of a New Zealand cake collaboration – ‘Cakes from Middle Earth’ to celebrate the release of the latest hobbit film & more importantly Sir Peter Jackson himself :) We thought it would be cool to create pieces based from all the movies he’s worked on. There are some outstanding pieces! check them out here…
I chose The Lovely Bones, an incredibly hard storyline, but with some beautiful imagery – in the end that’s why I had to choose it. I hand painting two scenes, I love how they are mix-matched where they join as there were parts of the film in the ‘in-between’ where it was like that :) Susie Salmon was not far from my mind as I worked on this. I watched the film again to immerse myself in it. I decided I needed to make the Gazebo as it was such an important part of the film. My husband 3D printed a side for me so I could imprint the design onto fondant & cut out from there. I just used fondant mixed with tylose…. afterwards someone mentioned pastiliage….maybe next time ;)
My husband also laser engraved the image on the wood in the background. Susie is there – inbetween worlds & her dads ‘ship in a bottle’ is in the centre of the light :)
Thanks so much for looking :)

-- Keren, New Zealand,

the lovely bones peter jackson cakes from middle earth iced by kez hand painted



This is sooo amazing Kez xo the intricate gazebo, the brilliant hand painting – love it! <3

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Love the cake Karen its gorgeous


Very pretty x

The Cake Tin

This is such a beautifully designed cake Kez and that gazebo…omg!!!

Elli Warren

Wowww!!! This is sooo gorgeous!!! The painting and gazebo are stunning!!! Perfect!!!! :-) x


so lovely

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Absolutely gorgeous!


Jenn, Danijela, SweetLin, Sarah, Elli, Goreti & Toni – Thank you all so much!! :)

Siobhan Buckley

This is really beautiful!

Lisa Salerno

amazing ! Your gazebo is fab x

Aga Leśniak


The Custom Cakery

I love this! Kez this is my favourite collab this year. Just wonderful!!!! Xxx

Take The Cake

Love this Keren !!!! <3

Imaginarium Cakes

an amazing piece by an even more amazing lady. <3

Eat Cake

Stunning Keren, perfect and beautiful just like you :)

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The Lovely Bones - Sir Peter Jackson Collaboration