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Counting the years....

An accountant turning thirty – it had to be a calculator!
This was a cake for a friend’s husband who asked me to do “something with a calculator”.
Everything is edible and I am childishly pleased with the screwed up paper – little things…..

-- Judy

Thank you Deepa and Ellli x

-- Judy

Thanks Laylah!

-- Judy

so so nice gorgeous cake and perfectly and cleanly done xoxo

-- lilchick

so cute!!!!!

-- Think cake, think pink!

This is brilliant – so clean and perfect! That screwed up notepaper is genius – it’s the little torn perforations that make it i think! :-) x

-- Julia Hardy

Thanks Danijeka! X

-- Judy

Ahh thank you Jessica x

-- Judy

Thank you Julia – and yes I love those perforations! X

-- Judy

Great cake. .love the paper x

-- Sweet-E

Thanks Enza :)

-- Judy

Awesome idea!! love the cake :))))

-- Dubey Cakes

Aaahh thanks Bethann :) x

-- Judy