Statuesque in Chic Stylized Weave

Statuesque in Chic Stylized Weave
Statuesque in Chic Stylized Weave

A touch of old, and a touch of new.

This romantic four-tiered Beverley Way Collection design is presented here in two tones. Each cake is covered in snow white fondant and decorated with pastel aqua-colored dried fondant extensions. These curved extensions may be alternatively composed of colored pastillage which will dry very hard if transportation/venue circumstances require a more rigid exterior. The extension strips are pre-dried over a curved surface, then attached to each cake side. Royal icing bead detail is applied between each extension piece for additional adhesive strength and to complete the decorative woven appearance. A silk flower topper has been intentionally placed slightly off-center for a soft chic touch.

This four-tiered cake design is a wonderful play with shadows which change with angles of ambient light.

This design is pattern 22B available from The Beverley Way Collection online store. Instructions for a two-tiered version are also provided in our glossy instructional paperback (or EBook) “Elegant Dream Wedding Cakes” available from Amazon sites worldwide, online sellers and a growing number of retailers.


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