Cathy Clynes




Airbrushed skull

I used a stencil and airbrush with this cake . I had to carefully place the stencil against the fondant and do a section , then keep lifting and moving to the next position. After i went over carefully filling in the gaps and blending in the edges of the skulls so they didn’t look too crisp x

flowerpaste airbrush colours flower cutters airbrush stencil airbrushed flowers skulls gothic black and white cake


Mommy Sue

this is great! nice cake!

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

love this cake

Calli Creations

Wow, this is stunning!

Mocart DH

Amazing cake

Sylwia Sobiegraj The Cake Designer

Woow, Love it!


beautifully done

Cathy Clynes

thank you, xx one of my favourite cakes


Wow very impressive cake!

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Airbrushed skull