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Hummingbirds Cake for Cake International 2014 - Gold award

I am SO pleased to share this with you. I have been building up this design for a year from seeing a photo of a hummingbird and gathering lots of photos and ideas since.
This was the first time I made the flowers which was using Alan Dunn’s tropical flowers book, didn’t have time to practice making them so it was a great personal achievement in making them first time!
The cake is hand painted with four hummingbirds around the cake. There is royal icing which was done on the second tier as brush embroidery. The very top is my favourite gold leaf to add some sparkle!

Hope your like it as much as I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake :)

-- Simply Alpa

Hi, My sister and I chatted to you the queue both at the start and when we were collecting our entries at the end. Congratulations again on your gold winning entry xxx

-- Christine

Hi Christine!! How lovely to meet you on here! :) Will flick over to you on FB as well, lovely to have chatted you both, hope you got home ok.

-- Simply Alpa

Hi Alpa do you have a Facebook page? I can’t find it x

-- Christine


-- EstreleCakes

Stunning….Congrats on the win….well deserved….

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Thank you everyone!

-- Simply Alpa

Wonderful! Congrats!!!

-- Anka

STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333

-- Dubey Cakes

This is lovely!!! Congrats for the gold!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

One of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen Alpa. So deserving of gold. Outstanding x

-- CakeyCake,

Thank you Bethann! Marlene and Harriet! :) So pleased I can now share what I have been working on for so long!

-- Simply Alpa

Well deserved GOLD!!!! Stunning design… Pinned to Cakes International 2014

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This is stunning! Congratulations