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Desolate Angel for Frosted Frights

Hi guys this was my piece for the Frosted Frights Halloween Collab. If you haven’t been to the page for a look yet pop over, there is some AMAZING work by some brilliant artists. https://www.facebook.com/frostedfrights

This was made using modelling chocolate. This was my first time using this medium, and ditto it was my first time sculpting……AND I have to say I am hooked, absolutely can not wait for another go at sculpting with modelling chocolate.
I black and white petal dust mixed with alcohol on the modelling chocolate to get the old cement/concrete look on the statue.
Any way I hope you all like it :)

-- Robin https://www.facebook.com/UnusualCakesForYou

modelling chocolate petal dust dust alcohol chocolate colour black white modelling chocolate petal dust angel statue alcohol dust chocolate colour black white weeping angel halloween




Allways Julez

Amazing work! xxx

Fifi's Cakes

outstanding, I LOVE this Robin x

Calli Creations

My darling friend, you know how much I adore this work of ART, pinned to my board, Cake Artists that Inspire Me … On https://www.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/
. Everything you do is a masterpiece.
Love and hugs my beautiful friend 😘😘😘😘


Great job!


Stunning Piece Robin <3 her

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Stunning!! A piece of art!!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Absolutely amazing! A gorgeous work of art!




amazing work!!

Unusual cakes for you

Thanks all you lovely ladies for you kind words and your continued support. Your the best <3

AWG Hobby Cakes

fantastic work


Wow loving this one! Brilliantly done

Shannon Bond Cake Design

Very cool! I hope you sculpt more – it’s beautiful!!

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Desolate Angel for Frosted Frights