Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake
Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake (yep, you read that right!) for a couple back in March of this year, It was hard to hold off until a more “appropriate” time of the year to show it. Needless to say, the couple I made this for were very fun and very easy to work with. As I was delivering the cake someone in the wedding party walked in and literally screamed “Holy S**t! Is that the cake?!?” For this cake and that crowd, it was the best compliment I could have received.

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wow so much detail.. amazing..and the color are awesome <3333333333333

Dubey Cakes

very cool. ..

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amazing!! love those dancing skellies and sombreros :) You have captured this theme fabulously!. Have pinned Dia de los Muertos Cakes :)


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Absolutly stunning! You have captured the Celebratoey Mexican tradition perfectly… you have created a happy celebration… Nothing maudlin and overly sentimental… Pure postive joy !!!! Love every aspect of it. 👏👏 love the reaction! Well done
Love the perfect attention to detail and ethnicity in design… ❤️

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Amazing cake!!! Love all the details you put in this cake!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

This is great, love the way you have done those hats with the little piped detail. x

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