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Princess in Pieces

It was so cool to be a part of the Sugar Spooks collaboration this year! My twisted piece was inspired by the story ‘The Princess and the Pea’. It was my first time incorporating a little gore – ha! more fun than I thought it would be! I hope everyone has had a chance to visit to see all the fantastic pieces! Thanks for looking :)

-- Tonya Alvey,

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Fifi's Cakes


SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Incredible!!! And the eye and the teeth are just amazing. I love this cake, it´s terrific!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Wow, this is totally amazing! What a work of art!!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Oh my Lord, my mouth has hit the floor in amazement! This is just brilliant!!


Wowww ….cool

Calli Creations

What an AMAZING artist you are….. Blown away with this… That eye is AWESOME 👏👏👏

Tonya Alvey - MadHouse Bakes

Aw thank you guys … appreciate your comments very much! ;)


what a great gory cake!


Wow!!!! That’s awesome!!!

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Oh wow! Awesome scary! Love the eye! :) <3


great work!

Time for Tiffin

very unique!

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

This is super awesome Tonya! I seem to remember a gory pumpkin cake from last year though so definitely something you can do well! =D

The Sweet Duchess

so amazing, its like little shop of horrors meets princess and the pea! great job!

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Princess in Pieces