I just love it when a commission comes along that I can have real fun with, and this cakes was one of those. The brief was “two tiers; one vanilla, one chocolate, and a Spiderman theme”. Teddy is an enthusiastic follower of Spidey’s adventures and I wanted the cake to be a bit of an adventure in itself – I wanted it to be something that Teddy would want to keep looking at and keep seeing something new. So, the bottom tier is a deep (5" quadruple layer) 7" vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve and the top tier is an even deeper (6" triple layer) 5" chocolate sponge with salted chocolate buttercream. I swapped the cityscape from New York to London(ish) to reflect Teddy’s home town and airbrushed a sunset in Spiderman’s colours behind it. The top tier was decorated to look like an apartment block with airbrushed shading, a hand cut stencilled spider graffitied on the wall, fire escape ladders, window ledges (one with a cat at the window!), a drain pipe, and a spiderweb (made with an extruder gun – ouchy!). I wanted to give the text an urban feel too, so hand cut the letters of Teddy’s name, and then painted and lacquered them. The chimney was made from RKT (Rice Krispie Treat) because I didn’t have anywhere else to put the ‘3’! And Spidey himself was sculpted from sugarpaste. Everything was made by hand and 100% edible and just so much fun to make!

Thanks for looking :) x

-- CakeyCake,

spiderman urban cityscape square tiered air brushed vanilla chocolate rkt graffiti



so cute, great job

Calli Creations

Wow, fabulous!!

Elli Warren

Fantastic cake and brilliant modelling!!! :-) x


Thank you ladies. It was enormous fun to make. I just love it when I’m given free reign! :D x

Sweet Fusion Cakes (Anjuna)

Just saw this on FB – loving on the other angle shots. Fabulous work!! x

Julia Hardy

This Spidey cake is fantastic. I need to make one next month and I am not really looking forward to it. Would you mind if I used your cake as inspiration? :-)


Thank you so much :) You would be very welcome to Julia – I am flattered, but I can’t take all the credit. I spent HOURS looking for inspiration on Pinterest. This is a fusion of ideas from some of the fabulous cakes I saw there :)


Fantastic, great work!

AWG Hobby Cakes

Fabtastic x




Thank you so much for all your lovely comments :) x

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

Fab cake – really wonderful :-D


wow!!!! what a cool cake :)


Wow. Thank you all so much :) x

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