Pirate's Bounty

Pirate's Bounty
Pirate's Bounty Pirate's Bounty Pirate's Bounty

Here is my first take on a pirate cake!
I was asked by Betty to create a magnificent showpiece for Jake’s 4th birthday. I was given swatches and colour schemes, and I was excited to present my designs, to which she agreed.

The top tier was designed to look like a pirate map, it was originally going to have a map draped over it, but I thought to draw on a map would have more impact and it gives me a chance to be creative and to paint on. The tier was lightly airbrushed to give it a vintage and aged look.

Second tier was made to look like a wooden barrel, which is iconic of a pirate theme. I was very proud of my little wooden planks which were individually cut and textured to look like wood. But it all came to life after some airbrush magic to give it depth.

Bottom tier was designed following the invite for Jake’s birthday party, where it had a red and black treasure chest. The red panels had a bit of petal dust treatment to give it a dark and old look which matched the set up where the cake was going to be placed.

The cake is almost 18" tall, and I had to be careful when carrying it!

Cake was red velvet with white chocolate ganache

To read more about this cake, head over to my blog at https://vangohcakes.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/the-pirates-bounty

Cheers, Vincent

Vincent Goh