1st Birthday Ruffles

1st Birthday Ruffles

Like having my Husbands birthday this week on top of my orders wasn’t stressful enough.

I also had to whip up this little cake for my daughters 1st birthday
She is such a little chubba, I call her my Hippo, (hence the hippo on top)
and before she was born I was obsessed with buying any baby outfit that had a little giraffe on it.
so I added a little giraffe for good measure.

I can’t believe she is 1. quite sad that they grow up. :(

Vanessa-Mmmm cakes and cupcakes


yeah, why do they have to grow up!? You’re a wonder woman! Sounds like you had a long week! But you still managed to make this super laborious design of a cake! So sweet and pretty!;)

Jackie, Singapore

So pretty Vanessa xx Time rolls by so fast. My son is 19 this year and it only seems minutes since they put him into my arms. Although have to say I don’t miss the nappies and having a laugh with him now he’s got a great personality was worth the years flying by so fast xx


Thankyou both :)
I don’t even. Want to imagine her at that age. :(
I know she will have a.blast eating it haha

Vanessa-Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Very pretty and meaningful cake Vanessa :) Oh so true on how our kids grow up so so quickly!! I always ask my kids not to age at every birthday, just every second birthday, they don’t seem to like that idea!!

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Thankyou Belinda, they’re to keen to grow up. I wish I could age backwards a decade lol.

Vanessa-Mmmm cakes and cupcakes

Awesome cake! Those ruffles are perfect and so beautiful! The characters are perfectly modeled and your cake is gorgeous! Well done!

Maggie Gagiano

So sweet, Vanessa, love that cake!