Tennis Shoe Cake

Tennis Shoe Cake
Tennis Shoe Cake Tennis Shoe Cake

I had to make a pair of these Air Jordan’s for a groom recently. These are life-size, but only part of a larger cake. Each shoe took me about 8 hours to carve and decorate. With this project I really got a good idea of just how much black fondant fades.

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Wow Jenniffer….. Super Cool!!!

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Oh my goodness, are you sure this is cake??? It looks so real. I love it.

Absolutely perfect in every way! Wow, well done on the realism

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Thanks Everyone! I actually borrowed a pair of the actual shoes when it came time to make the cake. I still used pictures from the Internet for carving my shapes, but having the actual shoe on hand was invaluable for making templates and really looking at some of those details close up.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -