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25th Anniversary Cake: Time

I made this cake to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. The party theme was time, and the working hourglass was turned every hour so the sand really moved through the glass. (The upper section – two tiers and floral sphere – were lifted, hourglass turned, then upper section replaced.) The lower three tiers had gold brushstroke highlights, with the center tier solid gold.

The gum paste flower garland and sphere were covered in white cabbage roses with lime green inner petals and brown centers, ivory roses tipped with gold, ivory/green hydrangea and purple not-really-ranunculus. This was my first attempt at a garland and a sphere!

(Also, while tradition holds that 25th anniversary is silver, I really preferred the gold in the event space and with the other colors.) Thanks for looking!

Wow, stunning!

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Stunning cake!! Love the design, especially the hour glass…

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Beautiful cake. Love it.

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Thank you, friends!