Botanical Elegance

Botanical Elegance

Although large, this cake is relatively easy to recreate. The cakes are fondant covered, the extension pieces are pastillage cutouts and the stringwork is piped royal icing. The lace accent shown here is ornate fabric lace but certainly could be piped, stamped or molded. Beautiful candlelit as the evening approaches. Pattern 32E @ The Beverley Way Collection website.

Beverley Way,,


Pure proffesional, and elegant looking! Wonderful xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Wow !!!!!!!! Absolutely perfect !!!

Dora Theodoridou

Relatively easy for you! lol It is gorgeous!

Magnificent as usual! I am in awe of your amazing talent!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Easy……I don’t think so…….I’ve not worked with pastillage yet, scares me a bit.
Your work is gob smackingly gorgeous xx


Sensational!! A spectacular work of art! Wow!

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