Cartoon Cake

Cartoon Cake
Cartoon Cake Cartoon Cake

This is an important cake for me, because many things. It was a for a pastry exhibition contest here at my town, the Sweet Festival. It was the cartoon theme and I asked if I could make my own drawings because there are so many cartoons over the world… they agreed and I started designing it. The motives of being so important for me were:
- It was the first time being in an exhibition, and it was for a contest!!!
- I used RKT for the first time (there were many firsts…!)
- I was trying hard with my own drawings and designs, not other people carttons.
- It was the higher cake I made (70cm high)
I also participated at the cookie category and used the same self invented heroine, the one with the blue and lively hair.
The first tier is about the sea, because she´s a Sea Hero ha ha (I like comics too so… ha ha) with the water fairy swimming around with all sort of maritime creatures.
The second layer is about animated flowers, all is possible at the cartoon world! There´s a film roll around it and the Sea Hero is popping out of it and looking socked the real world. She changed from the 2D world into a 3D world. Also the dog is half 2D (the part at the sea) and halt 3D (his face and front paws).
The third tier is all painted with dust edible paintings (I haven´t got an airbrush so this was the better way to make the wood atmosphere). And the fox is all parched around with different positions, as at animation. Somebody makes the backgrounds and another ones design a character and the next thing to do is to overlay it on top of the background. So I wanted to be something obvious.
And the topping is a 3D mushroom happy and laughing for being alife.
And I was awarded with the third position with my cake!!! Not only with my cake but I also got the third position with my cookies!!! Yay!!!!!
Is all hand painted of course.



Wow this is fab…i love all the details and your painting is awesome. ..great job…and congratulations ♡


Wow is right, this is fantastic!

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Congratulations! This is wonderful.

Enza!!! Thank you!!! I´m glad you like it!!!!!


Thank you Lorraine!!xxx
Thank you Goreti!! xxxx


Wow you did a fabulous job creating the characters and putting it all together! Its awesome, perfection! Love it, I award you 1st place! xx

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