Sea Cake

Sea Cake
Sea Cake Sea Cake Sea Cake Sea Cake

That was a Corporative Cake for Sedni´s Christmas Dinner, before Christmas holidays.
They make automation systems for ships and also they work in the land industry. But they didn´t want have any machines or ships at the cakes. Only land and sea, so I made an island grounded by the ocean, with waves, fishes, seaweeds…
It´s a chocolate sponge with dark chocolate and coffee ganache.
I hope you like it!




Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

You’re genius! Fantastic job with all those waves!

Sonja ~ xoxo

Wow! Your sculpting is incredible! Love the colours and the design of your cake! Amazing cake, perfectly done!

Maggie Gagiano

jchuck!!!! Thank you!!!
Sonja!!! Ha ha thank you!!!!!! So kind!! A big hug!
Goreti!! Always leaving a comment. Thank you!!
Aga!! Thank you!
Maggie!!! You´re always so positive and cheerful with your comments! Thank you!!!!


Very contemporary take on this design..:)

Enchanting Merchant Co

It´s a little bit like an illustration with all those spirals, I love spirals and waves, I love movement haha


I know what you mean, I love spirals and waves too! Faved, is beautiful ;)

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