Eiffel Tower Cake

Eiffel Tower Cake
Eiffel Tower Cake

This was an inspiration photo sent by a super cake friend. Original photo is the bottom one. Spent hours painting the Eiffel. Leaves are sequins. Hope you like it

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wow Jon this is stunning <3


Paris in Love!!! Well done Jon!

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Fantastic, amazing, stunning – none of those words can describe this beauty! Truly amazing Jonathan! Love, LOVE it! <3

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Wow you really are getting good, this is fab love the light detail.

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YAAAAAY … Thank you so much.. Thank you Shannon for the inspiration photo..

JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

Stunning cake JT…..this really awesome… love love love and love it <3


Wowzer Jono you always come up with the most spectacular original creations… Fabulous work.. So talented

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