Hedwig the Snowy Owl

Hedwig the Snowy Owl
Hedwig the Snowy Owl Hedwig the Snowy Owl

I made this birthday cake for my lovely daughter and partner in cake, Emilie! She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and wasn’t expecting this! She squealed and I can safely say she loved her cake! Happy mummy here :)

Isabelle, UK, https://www.facebook.com/rosehipbakery


Absolute fabulous….those eyes… Those feathers…. Brilliant! I bet she loved it… Great partnership you both have… What a blessing with two such talented people xxx

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Wonderful… He looks so real!!!! I’m not surprised she was thrilled!!

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Really great cake. I can see why she loved it. He is so cute, but realistic at the same time.

gateaux de mandy

Oh wow hes gorgeous, happy birthday to your daughter! :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Soo beautiful Isabelle!!

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