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Call of Duty: Operation Sugar Cake

Hi all :)

I had the honor of doing an “Operation Sugar” cake, the other week for a lucky teenager James! Operation Sugar is a charity in New Zealand that provides birthday cakes to sick children (similar to the UKs “Baking a Smile”). This was my first Operation Sugar cake and it was heaps of fun to do!

The Birthday Boy was turning thirteen and is a huge fan of Call of Duty (and the guns in Call of Duty). So I decorated the cake with some bullets, bullet holes, a hand painted gun silhouette and hand-painted solider. As well as this I had some dirt and dog tags with his name on the top! My favourite part though, had to be the airbrushing!

It was a banana cake, with dark chocolate ganache and a fondant covering! Yum!

It was such a worthwhile experience doing this cake, and I encourage other New Zealander’s to do the same!

Thanks, Josie xxx

-- Josie Durney, nineteen, New Zealand

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Allways Julez

So well done!… My son would love this! ♥ (He’s a Call of Duty lover)

Josie Durney

Thanks xxx

AWG Hobby Cakes

That’s cool x

Josie Durney

Thank you :)

Sweet Rocket Queen (Simona Stabile)



Cool cake!!!


Wow….so cool!!!

Josie Durney

Thank you guys! All of your kind words are much appreciated!

Enza - Sweet-E

Really cool cake Josie :)


Fabulous! My very first cake was a call of duty – Modern Warfare 3 – cake, and I am so ashamed of it!! Yours is awesome! Wow I love it! that colour is so on the spot right!!! Well done!

Donna (YUMMY-O Cake Company)

So sweet of you and such a cool cake! Love it

Sharon A./Not Your Average Cupcake


You've Been Cupcaked (Sara)

what a great cause and what an awesome cake!!

JT Cakes

Oh Call of duty. I love this cake. I loved that game. :) When I had no cakes to do. Now it’s only cakes… ;)

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Call of Duty: Operation Sugar Cake