Lauren Lauren Lauren

Lauren wanted a tattoo-inspired birthday cake and sent over some pictures of her favourite body art. They included lots of roses and hearts with banners, swallows, vintage crockery, pearls and vintage beauty parlour accessories (mirrors, powder puffs, hair combs, etc.) and this is the design I came up with. It was a three tier (10", 8", 6") chocolate cake with lashings of salted chocolate buttercream, topped with a sugarpaste-covered vertical heart with name banner, and decorated with two hand sculpted and painted swallows holding another banner between their beaks, and hand painted ‘tattoos’ around the bottom tier. Finished with wireless sugar roses. By the time it was finished I completely LOVED this cake, although it was almost 40 hours in the making, and it reminded me how much I love hand painting cakes. Happy 18th Birthday Lauren x

Thank you for looking :) x