Juventus Cake

Juventus Cake
Juventus Cake Juventus Cake Juventus Cake

I was asked to make this cake for a boy who love Juventus soccer team. The mom said that he wanted simple cake with the soccer ball, the field and the logo of Juventus. So in the end i came up with this design. All in this cake is handcutted as i don’t have so much shape of the cutter…even the ball i cutted all the shape.

The logo is the hardest part of this process because it’s very small and all hand cutted. Start from the oval shape, the stripe, the JUVENTUS write and the last one is the bull of the Juventus that really tiny to cut. But luckly i could made it. Cos if i couldn’t cut it that time, i probably will go the idea with handpaint it. Look how small is it according to the toothpicks.

Thank you for watching and hope you like it :)



Such a cool cake…..love the concept of the ball in the grass…and the logo!!! xo

Enchanting Merchant Co

HaHaHA! I was here before Dina! Yay! :D
Cool ball and that logo is awesome Lina! :) <3

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Lovely Lin – that football is perfect! I can see you have hand cut the logo and that’s very tricky! Great job!

Mel Sugarcraft Artist

Perfect cake Lin!!! Really clean work!!! I am a Juventus supporter so for me it is extra special!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven