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Another Ruffle Cake

Top view baby shower cake. Mummy to be wanted a plain ruffle cake UNTIL I showed her the Royal Bakery cake with the bow on top. Of course, then she wanted the bow on top, as well. Thanks, Lesley! Fresh strawberry cake, basted with fresh strawberry puree, filled with strawberry SMBC, and ruffled using a mixture of 1/2 SMBC and 1/2 ABC. I’m sure everyone knows this technique by now, but it’s taken from Sweet & Saucy, found here:


Oh MY! That sounds scrumptious!!!!! Your ruffles are always PERFECTION!!! :o)

-- Loren,,

Congrats Peggy! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 4/13/2012.
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Best ruffle cake ever.

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Wow, these are perfect! Love your cakes!

Thank you everybody! Haha Lesley, whatevz!! xx


Love the perfect rows of ruffles- another outstanding cake, Peggy!

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Its so beautiful. Congratulations!!
I am new to the cake world, love your cakes..a big fan :)
How do we make SMBC without eggs and what does ABC stand for..

-- Love to bake, keep smiling :)

Your ruffles are just perfect! What a steady hand you must have!! Beautiful work as always :)

-- Baker from The Epicurean Delight - Falls, PA