Black and White with Lace and Quilled Flowers

Black and White with Lace and Quilled Flowers

This is my first cake for 2014, a black and white themed 21st cake.
I had free reign so I wanted to make something pretty but a little bit different. The bottom tier has cake lace and I used Jo Orr’s cake Lace recipe which is absolutely brilliant. For the top tier I wanted to continue the design so I decided to make quilled flowers. I first saw this method in Collette Peters book Cakes to Dream On but I notice recently it has become quite popular with it being used by Violet Cake Shop and Gulnaz Mitchel.
Thanks for looking.
Cakie Hugs for the new Year x

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin


Amazing cake, well done!!


Marlene - CakeHeaven

Thank you so much CakeHeaven, Luna and Mellie, and for favouriting :)

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

lovely :)

Alittlecake, New Jersey

Cakey hugs to you too, Sarah!! This is definitely one of my favorite cakes from your repertoire (and I love quite a few) … Love the black and white, and I still remember your all-black cake too :-) Gorgeous

Dina @ miettes,

This is absolutely STUNNING! I always love black and white designs, your is something very unique! O, lovely Sarah, thank you for mentioning me, I am honoured!xoxo

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,