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Red, black and white demask 40th cake

Ok so this was my very first attempt at the marvelous molds from 2 weekends ago. It was so time consuming seeing as my fondant roller was broken and I could not quite get the right thickness to work. I think I spent about 7 hours on just the damask as I ended up pulling that tier apart in the wee hours of morning due to an air bubble.

Long story short is that even after ripping fondant off and re-doing another air bubble appeared about an hour before delivery and seeing a I had quite a drive and about 10 speed humps to get over my cake had a huge bulge in the back upon delivery.I was almost in tears after all the hard work and conscious effort to fix a problem to only have it come back with no way of fixing it just about killed me. I have never had one do this before so still today have no answers to my problem.

I always treat my clients like I would like to be treated so I refunded some of the money as I could not stand myself if I had not. People pay good money for these type of cake sand so therefor should get that also upon delivery.

Anyone who has any advice on my problem I would love to hear it as I apprecite any guidance I get from my wonderful cake friends who are morel like my family. Big hugs

-- Tampa, Florida

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Cakes ROCK!!!

It’s gorgeous! Wouldn’t know there were any flaws! I get those air bubbles too despite several different things I do to try to prevent them. They appear with no rhyme or reason. I’m very interested to see what others say!

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

That is why I asked the question Christy. I feel like a fraud showing this cake but this is truly how it left my house except for a small air bubble in back. Get to venue and that air bubbles was huge and had also forced big cracks in fondant from all the pressure. I had used a brand new tub of fondant and ganached so there was absolutely no reason I can see this happened.


Sharon I dowel high. Most people say just above the icing but we have lots of bumpy roads so I go 1/8 of an inch above the icing so that tiers are suspended. I hope this helps. The cake looks great though and I am loving the Marvellous Moulds appliqués


The cake looks gorgeous Sharon


Love this Sharon, looks fabulous!
Lori-annes advice sounds good to me. I’m going to keep this in mind! :-)

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

Thanks Lori-Ann I will endeavor to try and go a little higher as well. This one was just above the fondant which I liked as the ribbon hid my gap so you could not see it. Definitely makes you happy when they go right , that’s for sure.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

It looks so gorgeous! I love the color combination and the Marvelous Molds look like they worked great! I know how frustrating this is! I have had air bubbles develop in two of my cakes, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason. I used the same buttercream and fondant, and can’t figure out what the cause was! Hope someone can enlighten us!


Sharon, I like the design on this cake, the damask on the bottom and the quilted effect on the top!!
Lori-Ann’s response is interesting!!

Allways Julez

Hi… regarding your air bubble problem…
I experienced this on quite a few occasions, when I worked as an employee of one particular business.
On those occasions, it was almost always with the white choc, raspberry mudcakes.
Their method was to stir frozen raspberries through a white mud cake mix.
Due to the time constraints, lack of staff and other factors, some preparation on cakes was started 1-3 days before pick-up.
In my opinion the berries were deteriating, and the built up of gas, was creating the problem (as it wasn’t occuring in other flavours).
I have also seen posts on facebook pages where this has occurred, when cakes were kept refridgerated… later covered, and bubles occurred later on. Again… if you think about it, things expand as they warm up. Including the air within your cake, from the aeration we put there, to make them light and fluffy.
Not sure if any of these situations apply to your cake. Hope this helps. Julez XXX

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well this looks gorgeous, I can’t see any fault with it! Regarding air bubbles, I find if I put a little pin prick in the fondant and then smooth the surface very gently towards the pin hole does the trick. sounds scary but you can’t see the hole. But I guess you already tried that! I am also with Sugarpixy on the higher dowels. This cake is fabulous though Sharon. You will soon forget about the air bubble that we can’t see and love this wonderful creation! xx

Calli Creations

Shags this is absolutely flawless. I know that frustration of air bubbles and have found away of combatting that several ways. I’ll pm you sweetheart. Blown away with this cake though. A show stopper!!


We experience air bubbles all the time, and I still cannot understand why. Could it be the humidity in the air? I’m with Julez about refrigerated cakes that warm up, as I found that the problem seems to have increased since I refrigerate the cakes while ganaching them. Sometimes we get tens of small bubbles, sometimes just a few that tend to grow bigger and bigger. I told my girls to keep a scriber needle on hand and pierce those nasty bubbles, just as Fifi suggested. It works, but I still have no answer to the main question: where do air bubbles come from? If we can find this answer we should be able to prevent the problem.
Your cake looks fabulous anyway, Sharon!

Time for Tiffin

Gorgeous cake x

Elli Warren

So sorry you had a hard time Sharon,I’m sorry i dont have any answers for air bubbles, am glad the other ladies can help you,i agree with everyone else, it looks completely flawless!! very beautiful!! i love your damask so much!! really want to do a cake with damask, all your cakes are amazing!! :-) x

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Red, black and white demask 40th cake