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Sugar Moth Orchid

A Moth Orchid Made from Sugar. Happy New Year xxx
These were one I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I got a real flower from the garden centre and copied it. I had a few days of just looking at the flower and working out how to tackle it. This was one of my favourite flowers to make.

-- Christine from


Sara Lamb

Absolutely stunning!

Lisa Templeton

This s quite possible the best sugar work I have ever ever ever seen Christine! Its so perfect!!! Youur amazing! Truly gifted! I have got to get you to NZ to teach! It would be a dream come true!


It’s a beauty!!




so beautiful!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Absolutely Beautiful Christine!!!! Happy New Year!!! xxx


Gorgeous as always

Lucy at Bedlington Bakery

This is sooooo perfect!!! Definately the best one yet! Xx love to you all for the new year xx Lucy

Elli Warren

Stunning!!! :-)

The Cake Tin

Oh Wow, I could swear I was looking at a real flower. If Lisa does get you over here I wiould love to be in one of your classes.

Mardie Makes Cakes


Susan Armstrong

I grow orchids and that is simply amazing work!! Best of the best!!

Willene Clair Venter

So beautiful and realistic.

La Lavande Sugar Florist

Thank you so much! Of all the flowers I’ve made I liked making this the most. I studied the real flower for days. I’m so pleased you like it! Xxxxxx


Amazing and realistic.

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Sugar Moth Orchid