With a crazy passion for cake and I'm a huge sweet tooth, it is no wonder my life has taken the direction towards cake!

I have always loved designing and making. Growing up in family where everything was hand made, I developed many skills in the kitchen and other areas of the home. I continued to use and nurture my design skills, undertaking University studies to becoming a Design and Technology Teacher. This study and then teaching Food Technology, Hospitality – Kitchen operations, Design and Technology and Textiles and Design over a number of years, has given me a strong knowledge of food handling and also allowed me to continue being creative and enthusiastic about designing.

I have further developed my skills in the art of cake decorating by years of self practice and also undertaking courses with local Australian artists and International cake artists.

I have always enjoyed cooking and preparing food, especially sweets and desserts, with many friends often affectionately calling me the ‘Cupcake Queen’. After years of making special food treats for my family and friends, I decided to turn this passion for baking and decorating into a business. In 2009 Yummies was born.

With a passion for cake and also a teaching background, this year I have started teaching cake decorating at Whimsical Cakehouse. I'm excited about this new development in my cake decorating journey.

I look forward to sharing my cakes in this forum and seeing and learning from you all :)