Hi everybody! My name is Terka Dendišová or my art name Sugar Witch. I am from Slovakia. I started bake since my 13, I remember the moment, when I baked my first cake. It was for my mommy. Since my childhood I like to sculpting. My first material for sculpting was play dough. I had shelf full of modeled animals, characters, Bethlehem even. I really like to give a shape to something shapeless. Create something new. Like a confectioner I've got a chance to create cakes and make people happy. Isn't it the amazing chance? I thank God for everything. He blessed me with this unique opportunity to do something special. I love my life so much :)


Thank you for the follow, Treka! Your cakes are stunning and it is hard to believe you have achieved such a high level of professionalism at such a young age. You have a great future ahead of you, young lady. I look forward to much more of your work. New follower here!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

your cakes are beautiful!


thank you for your beatiful words :)