Rebecca's Tastebuds


Rebecca's Tastebuds

Jan 2015 213 Warwickshire

I'm a Hobby cake maker - 7 grandsons under 5 years old prevent anything more dedicated although I love making cakes. And I'm also a late comer to this business only really beginning more seriously a few years ago after attending a sugar flower class at a local school. I was hooked from then on.!
I really enjoy making cakes for friends and family often losing myself for hours the time flies by so quickly.
I dream of a tea shop selling tea and cake and celebration cakes too - I realise that would be quite an undertaking but having done Farm B&B for quite a few years I'm not too worried about staying power..!
Having given a cake class on one occasion and really enjoyed it I would love to start teaching but not on a full time basis - grandsons again.!
I've made a lot of friends on Flick where I met the lovely Julia Hardy who tempted me to join CakesDecor - and I'm really looking forward to making friends and seeing your great cakes.
Thank you for looking at my cakes - I hope you enjoy them .x

-- Rebecca


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Welcome to CD Rebecca. You already know how friendly it is…..looking forward to your cake posts….. 😉

Calli Creations

Hi Tastebuds… A big welcome from me and sure many others and so looking forwards to seeing your cakes :) xxx

Julia Hardy

Coo-ee Rebecca!! Happy to have you here. Go on, put your peony cake on! :-) xx

Rebecca's Tastebuds

You are such a little monkey Julia encouraging me….. I will do just that..thanks..xx

Rebecca's Tastebuds

Thank you so much jchuck and Callicious Cakes. I’m really looking forward to looking at everyone’s great cakes and am very grateful for all the help I’ve received about black sugar paste which has always scared me to death..!!xx


Many thanks rebecca For the follow. I like your tutorials much

Rebecca's Tastebuds

Hi Betty. – you’re very welcome. :-))))x

Julia Hardy

Huh? Am confused – I’m sure I followed you when you joined in January. Oh well, I am now (of course) :-D xx

Zoe White

Thank you for the follow Rebecca! following you now, love your cakes!!


Hello Rebecca – hadn’t spotted you before! I’m also a grandmother, hobby baker who started recently….and a near neighbour as I live on the south side of Coventry and spent my childhood living in Warwickshire. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely cakes 😊

Rebecca's Tastebuds

Thanks Zoe. Sorry I’ve not been on for a while to thank you for the follow. Life seems so busy!x

Rebecca's Tastebuds

Hi Judy. I’m must apologise to you also. I’ve not managed to get back on here for a while. 7 grandsons keep me very busy..! How lovely to know there is someone close by too. Coventry isn’t very far away at all. Speak soon hopefully..xx


hello Rebecca thank you so much for watching all my cakes and the nice comment have a great day xxx