The king embroidered stars in spring fable - Cake by Berna García / Ilusiona Cakes
Henry - Cake by Mrs Millie's
Music Maestro - Cake by Mrs Millie's
Anniversary cake - Cake by Simona
Mod Autumn  - Cake by Cake Heart
 Cake international Birmingham 2014 my pièce :)  - Cake by Cécile Beaud
Black and white themed wedding cake - Cake by Alma Pasteles
Ruffles & Bloom - Cake by Alma Pasteles
White & Gold Paper Flower Cake - Cake by D Cake Creations®
Baby Basket of Toys Cake - Cake by Shawna McGreevy
tarta 3d playmobil - Cake by AROMARO CAKES
mint romance - Cake by Cake Heart
El Ciervo - Cake by Berna García / Ilusiona Cakes