Sweet Cake di Fabry


Sweet Cake di Fabry

Oct 2014 147 Roma

Fabrizio Gaboardi aka "Sweet Cake di Fabry 'lives in Rome. His journey in this "sweet world" starts in 2012. For him the cake design was love at first sight, discovered by chance surfing the net. Completely self-taught, he has decided to procure the necessaire to get his hands in pastry. Thanks also to his artistic training (Art Institute) and a natural manual skill, he has reproduced some work, and then designed and created his own works carefully, taking care of every little detail. Some of these were published in trade magazines. He is starting collaborations with established designers and teaches courses around Italy. For several months he has decided to specialize his work creating a unique line of subjects: the Owls, transposing classical figures such as Princes and Princesses (but not only) in these nice and sweet little animals. His dream is to make this passion a real job, working in a lab (why not in Florida?) or perhaps by opening one of his own.

-- Sweet Cake di Fabry


Sonia Huebert

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Sweet Cake di Fabry

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