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Mar 2013 1,119

Our Victory at Cake Design Italian Festival

Finally I find a bit ‘of time to tell you about a very important victory for me and my friends at the last edition of Cake Design Italian Festival,in october 2014 … Five colleagues and friends who decide to get involved by...

Baby Bugs Bunny (Baby Looney Tunes)

Hi,to all !! Here is my latest tutorial to make a Baby Bugs Bunny .. Hope you enjoy it and that you find it useful! xxx Mary <3.

Tutorial Romeo (Thomas O' Malley) - From The Aristocats

Hello dear friends of Cakes Decor ^ _ ^! I share with you my last tutorial, Romeo – From The Aristocats … There were too many photos to upload them all here, so I made this photo-collage … for the step by step and...

Tutorial of Christmas: "Baby girl on a biscuit"

This is my way to wish you all a Merry Christmas … I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you share my many! With love, Mary xxx Take a ball of modeling clay and flesh-colored in half,...

Christmas bell

Thinking about Christmas approaching, a small tutorial for you! With love, Mary ♥


Tiramisu my way: 4 eggs 150g of sugar 500g mascarpone 500g of cream 1 pack and half of ladyfingers coffee cherry cocoa Procedure: Whip the cream and put it in the fridge, make even the coffee, and in the meantime...

Little boat (Thun style)

A small tutorial to make this pretty little boat style thun .. I hope you enjoy!

Little sweet girl- my first tutorial

This is my first tutorial, and at this link you will find all the steps to make this sweet little girl I hope...

My personal version of "Black Forest"

“Recipe Black Forest” (my way): For the base: (Instead of the classic sponge cake with chocolate, I use as a basis a mudcake) Mudcake chocolate: 250gr. of butter, diced 150gr. plain chocolate 400gr. sugar 250ml milk 100gr....

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)