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Tutorial of Christmas: "Baby girl on a biscuit"

This is my way to wish you all a Merry Christmas … I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you share my many! With love, Mary xxx

Take a ball of modeling clay and flesh-colored
in half, record it with a finger. With your fingertips to form the nose, and
round face and cheeks, forming also the collo.Incidere
lightly with a fingertip at the point where we will give shape to the mouth.

With a silicone brush (or a small ball tool)
define the nose and nostrils. Draw the mouth, engraving it slightly, and
define the contorni.Fare two small holes for nostrils, and draw a
small half-moon under her mouth to emphasize the chin.

Further define the mouth, and create cavities
orbitals. With your hands, to emphasize the cheeks. Form two small balls of
white pasta, and put them into the cavities created prior to the eyes.

Shape into small balls and flesh-colored
assottigliarle to create the eyelids. Paint the irises of the eyes and blend
cheeks with a little ’pink.

Tint the lips with a pink a bit ’stronger than
used for the cheeks. As before, form a ball of dough and black
assottigliarla, place it under the eyelids to form eyelashes. Open the
mouth and paint the interior, apply a small white ball and a
shell & blade tool to create the two teeth.

Take a small piece of red paste and form the
language that must be placed under the teeth, form a cylinder of dough
brown and thin it with a rolling pin, creating lines for the hair.

Take a ball of dough to brown and crush
form a disk. Place the disc on the head of the child and create
lines to simulate the hair. Thin a small piece of dough and white
put it on your head to create a small circle.

Form small balls of dough to put brown
the sides of the circle, and other smaller balls, red. Form the body
of the child, making a small cylinder a bit ’squashed and two balls
modeling clay red.

Create holes in the red balls, in order to submit
legs. Take a cookie created with the PDZ, already dry and
place it on the cake with the help of a toothpick.
At this point, gently insert a toothpick into the body and also
head of our little girl. Take a piece of dough and create a flesh-colored
cylinder; in half to create the hollow of the knee by performing a small
pressure with the back of a finger.

Cut off the excess of the leg and form two
red balls, which will be the sleeves of the dress of the girl. at the same
way of the legs, but with smaller cylinders, form the arms.

Take a small disc of white paste, with a ball
small tool to form the eyes, with a black marker food form
Smile snowman, with a little ’orange pasta forming the nose,
insert small black balls for the eyes and cheeks fade with the
dye powder pink. With the dough to form purple hat
puppet. Put the head of the puppet on the shirt of the girl.

Other form balls of dough and place them brown
around the head of the child to create the hair. Pasta with red
form of pointed shoes. Complete this lustful girl putting
in his hands a small piece of chocolate and a candy cane,
All of course sugar paste!

-- Mary,

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Fabulous tutorial ! Love this! :-)


Merry Christmas to you Mary, lovely pressie for everyone


So cute. Thank you for sharing it.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tutorial! She is so adorable!!

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)

Thank you so much for your words Kath’s, Goreti and Toni <3 !!! I’m so happy _

Elli Warren

Gorgeous tutorial!! amazing work!! :-)

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)

Thanks Elli !! Merry Christmas to you _ !!