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Hi there...'Trish here and thanks for taking a look at my work. I'm absolutely lovin' this cake life. Since retiring a couple of years ago, I've been full time at the university of YouTube studying and practicing cake art and sugar sculpture. It's many of you are so creatively talented and artistic!! AND you're gracious enough to share your knowledge. Thank you.

So Pattie Cake pat-a-cake has come about as a result of my obsession for all things sugar sculpture and cake! September 2017 provided my first client....such a thrill to be asked to make toppers for someone I didn't know and be paid for it!! Then followed commissions for a few celebration cakes and a one to one tutorial of a unicorn cake to a 10 year old girl. All scary, but all so very exciting.

I don't know how 2018 will pan out from a business point of view, but I do know that whether or not I have orders I WILL be making lots of cake and practicing/improving my sugarcraft skills.

Check out my facebook page for more photos and progression of my work


Thank you for the follow, Pattie! You do delightful work and I am following you.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Aaahhh. Thank you Sandra. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

I need to be more active on this site. 😒😒