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Baby elephants

Hi folks…..couple of pics of some baby elephant cake toppers I made last summer. Obviously can be made in any colour and would look fab on either a christening cake, baby shower, birthday cake.

This is just a mix of 50% fondant (sugar paste) and 50% modelling paste (gumpaste) and then coloured. I can’t remember which brands I used at the time though….🤔 I love petal dusts, think they’re absolutely fab, so as with most of my modelling I’ve highlighted the folds and shadows with it. It just brings another dimension to the model.

Hope you enjoy taking a look 😊

Oh and ps…I’ve added a link to my own website on my profile, where I’ve put the recipes I use as well as some product reviews.

See you soon….😉

Very cute!

-- Teri, Ontario, Canada

Thanks both…I appreciate your encouragement. 🙂