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I have baked cakes for almost as long as I can remember but only started decorating them 8 years ago. My 1st was for my partners parents golden wedding anniversary, expecting to do a simple iced cake I was then told that it would be a party for 100 odd people, so I thought id better do something a bit more special. Armed with a couple of flower making books and a few youtube video's I set to work and was amazed at what I accomplished although looking back on it now I realise just how not good it really was lol. There it was a 2 tier cake with the entire contents of a florist shop chucked on it, however I found that I really loved making sugar flowers and have learnt over time that less is more so to speak. 2 years ago I joined an adult education basic cake decorating class more for something to do of an evening but its amazing how many tips you can pick up even if its just an easier way to do something that you've been doing for ever, and being amongst other people with the same interest has been a joy.
other than that I'm entirely self taught.

Didn’t know you were on here Les. New follower… 😎
You gotta post some of your “Ornate Cakes”…with your flowers…you’ll blow everyone away!!

-- Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

lol just about to do that now hun xx

So nice to see you here Les.