Hi, my name is Nehha and I am currently residing in Singapore. A dentist by profession.. I discovered the world of baking when I just moved to this country with a daughter a couple of months old. Took a voluntary decision of taking time off to be with my daughter and seeing her grow. A kind soul suggested that alongside I take up baking as a hobby. Agreed to give it a shot very hesitantly but I am so delighted to say that there has been no looking back. What followed were endless hours of searches and researches for recipes.. Techniques.. Concepts. I was in love. I baked .. And I baked more than my family could consume. :) A few weeks later the idea of starting my own venture was born - Sugar Coated by Nehha. It will be a year in August 2014. The best year of my life. I have been asked several times by family and friends how ironic it has been to jump from dentistry to baking.. But I have found a philosophical connection between the two.. Either ways it is to make people smile :))))


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Sugar Coated by Nehha

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Sugar Coated by Nehha

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