Jenny Dowd


Owner at Lily Belles Cakes, Dublin. I started as most people do, baking as a kid, but started decorating when my girls came along. Family started urging me to take it further, so enrolled on my first course in January 2011. I found it easy and wanted to challenge myself more so took a few more, more difficult courses. Practiced and practiced, watched 1000s of hours of you tube tutorials, until I felt I was up to scratch to make cakes for other people outside family. Eventually took the plunge, got registered, joined some fab groups and set up Lily Belles Cakes. Haven't looked back. Love a challenge, enjoy selling ideas to customers and then going am I going to do that. Favourite cakes to make are christening cakes. Have met many cakey friends along the way.

-- Jenny


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Hi Jenny! Thank you for the follow! Your cakes are amazing! I can see all of the love and details you put into them! I will be following your work as well now!

Jenny Dowd

Thanks Toni, you kindly allowed me to use one of your cake designs a while ago. Big fan!

Cake Sweet Cake by Rory

I love your cakes! I follow you from Italy:)

The Little Cake Company

Hi! New follow from me:)

Jenny Dowd

Hi The Little Cake Company. Thank you.


Hi Jenny! love your cakes! :-) new follow :-)

Jenny Dowd

Hi Tynka. Thank you

Loan Phan

Hi Jenny, thank you for your comment on my cake. Love your work and you have a new follower from now x