Alyona Kryachko


Alyona Kryachko

Feb 2018 359 Ukraine

Dear friends! My name is Alyona Kryachko. I have been creating cakes, cookies and confection for 4 years (in spite of my occupation is pedagogy). Making people happy and satisfied is my aim. Sugarflowers and cakes are my lifetime love! I adore of what I am engage in and people I make my confection for.

-- Alyona Kryachko


Gâteau de Luciné

Hi Alyona, thanks for follow, you do beautiful work.
Following you back with pleasure.

Felis Toporascu

Hi! Thank you for the follow! I’m following you back


Hi Alyona,
Your cakes are lovely!💖💕
I’m a new follower 😍

Alyona Kryachko

My friends, thank you!!!I apreciate you like my works!🙏😀

Raquel García

Thank you for the follow!.. I will follow you too!.. Your cakes are beautiful!

Alyona Kryachko

Raquel Garcia, thanks a bunch!!!

Zuzana Bezakova

Thank you for follow. Following back. Gorgeous work, flowers, cakes :)

Alyona Kryachko

Many thanks, Bezana!)))