Ice, Ice, Tracey


Ice, Ice, Tracey

Oct 2013 509 Marske-by-the-Sea, UK

I am a hobby decorator, making cakes for family, friends and now friends of friends! I love trying out new techniques and I'd love to start my own little business one day :-)


Ice, Ice, Tracey

I just wanted to thank everyone who has looked at my cakes and welcomed me to this website :-)

JT Cakes

Hello, You asked on the swans cake about the fretwork. I take it it’s that design on the top tier? It’s a mold from Marvelous Molds. That particular one is called Moroccan Lattice. Hope this helps

Ice, Ice, Tracey

Thank you – bizarrely, I had a dream about a cakewith (don’t know why my phone has joined cake and with!) that morrocan lattice on the night before I saw your cake and had been searching the internet trying to find something I could make it with as I wanted to make the cake I’d dreamt about!
It won’t be anywhere near as good as yours, but I’ll post a pic if I manage to make it :-)
Thanks again for taking the time to reply


Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Tracy your cakes are so cool thank you for the lovely comment

il mondo di ielle

Beautiful cakes!!

Ice, Ice, Tracey

Thank you :-)

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Wonderful cakes – new follow from me.

Ice, Ice, Tracey

Thank you, Heba. New follow from me to you too – your Goddess cake is awesome!

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Hello,didn’t know you were on here! I was looking at fondant ruffles and up you popped,so a new follow from me.x