It is not easy being a mother of three children, a contract graphic designer, and a full time housewife. Time is never enough when I have to drive the kids in and out from places to places, wake up in the middle of night to finish up my project, and cook decent meals for the family. It is very difficult to make any plan for myself when I am always “on duty.” (Try to have a nice and quiet two hours lunch with friends seem like a luxury.)

Even though I always wish I have 48 hours instead of 24…

…feeling dead tired by 8:30 PM…

…dragging myself up around 4 AM in the morning to start my day…

…going crazy with three kids running around the house…


…endless household work that need to be done "yesterday"…

Somehow, I always manage to have extra time when it comes to baking.

When I am up in the middle of the night beating eggs, whipping creams, or rolling fondant, I feel like time has stopped right there…into eternity. Only thing that matters to me at those moments is to bring all the creative and abstract design and decoration ideas into live. Just imagining “WOW” expression on my customer’s face when they open the box, already bring warmth to my heart.

To me, this isn’t just mixing of eggs, flour, and milk. It is an Art… an Edible Art.



BeverleyWayDesigns: Are you kidding me?! Your work is AMAZING!!!! OMG….your cake is GOOD!

LOL – Thanks Helen! There are a lot of good designers on here, including yourself! Looking forward to seeing more of your cakes! :)

Beverley Way,,

BeverleyWayDesigns: You are in MI? I used to live there. Troy, MI. :)

Yes, near Rochester Hills, so not far from Troy! You made a good move. It’s been very cold here this winter so far!

Beverley Way,,

Love all your work Helen! How do you manage to make cakes, so busy! ;-)
You are right, works of art! ♡

sugar and art - perfect combination!

SugarMagicCakes: Thank you very much! I just can’t stop adding things…(I think that’s my problem)