Hi all,
my name is Evgenia. I live in St.Petersburg, Russia. I have a sweet tooth:)
When I was a little girl, i helped with great pleasure my Mom and Granny with cooking and baking cookies, cakes and pastry.
But I have never thought before that dressing of pies can become my hobby and will bring me a modest income.
My education isn't connected in any way with confectionery art. I am Math teacher.
Unfortunately, I have no art education that strongly prevents me from embodying my mad ideas. Unfortunately, I haven't visited any master-class yet, cause I have two small children and I spend all my time with my sweet family.
So, the magic starts at night - I'm making pies. When I bake and decorate a pie, I don't want to sleep, I just want to watch the result asap.
Thank you for looking at my pies and cupcakes. I'm infinitely inspired by your masterpieces. Thank you for who you are.


Vanilla cake boutique

I’m here!

Judith und die Torten

Hy Evgenia,
great work ;-)
Greetings from Austria.


Judith Walli ,thanks for the kind words! Your cakes are beautiful. I am inspired by looking at your cakes.


Privet, Jenja!
Welcome to this Place, sorry I am so late With my wishing you welcome :-

My Sweet World_Elena

Hi Evgenia, just read your profile and it certainly sounds like my story too (I am not a math teacher but always been a math lover). It’s been a long time since you’ve posted any work of yours but I am following you hoping you’ll do that soon!