You can see my story at! Eat, breathe and love CAKE!


Hi Meghan, you’re probably our youngest member. Enjoy :)

-- Michal, | My Facebook:

Meghan, you are fabulous!!! I hope you are charging what you deserve for these masterpieces! :) Best of luck to you, can’t wait to see you evolve over time.


Welcome Meghan! I love the fact that you have found your passion in life at such an early age. Keep doing what you are doing. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. Your work is AWESOME!!! :)

Annie -

Wow! All I can say is your amazing! Can’t wait to see what else you do!

Creative Cakes by Chris

Welcome Meghan, so glad you joined, and can share your amazing talent. I checked out all your cakes, and they are AMAZING.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

wow it’s going to be great watching you grow over the coming years with your cakes. Do you have a facebook page that you can give me a link to please.!/doodlebugcakes

Here is the link on FB. I’m pretty sure you can just search Doodlebug Cakes and it will come up? Thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments!! Cake is my sport!! Eat, breath…..cake! :)


Meghan – just have to say you’re such an inspiration! I told my (8 year old) daughter about you last night – she just thought that was the most amazing thing! Can’t wait to watch your star rise higher and higher! ;)

Becky, North Carolina,