Hi all,
My name is Trang , mother of a gorgeous boy and a little princess who fall in love with dinosaur and wife of a wonderful man . I used to worked as an architect . There was a unforgettable event happened to our family two years ago - 2013 and I quit my job and started a very difficult journey with my little boy . I created my first cake at that time and received a lots of encouragements from my family and my friend ,. Until now , baking and caking have became a passion and yoga of my life. I have started to practice photography skills for a last few months.
I am a self-taught home baker by learning from a lot of blogs and website of many nice cake decorators around the world who are ready to share their wonderful experiences and talented designs. Most of my cakes were made on special occasions of my family members and my friends . It's my pleasure to share my cakes to you .
Enjoy every cherish moment of life !
Live , love , laugh !
Thank you very much for looking my cakes !
Here is my cake facebook :


Really happy to have come across your gorgeous work …. I am a new follower and will look forward to seeing more from you
Nina x


Thank you so much Nina ! You’re so sweet.


HI Trang,

Thank you so much for the sweet message on my Peony Flower tutorial. Thank you ! means a lot to be appreciated. Thank you!

http://www.facebook.com/veenaartofcakes , http://www.veenasartofcakes.com or http://veenaartofcakes.com

Amazing work and style, love it !!!
I stay following your steps. A hug from Spain.

La dulzura hecha arte.

Thank you for your following and sweet hug , Mayte.