Cleopatra cakes


Cleopatra cakes

Mar 2016 36 melbourne

My name is Penny and I have been decorating cakes for the past 7 years.I live in Melbourne,Australia with my 2 kids and my husband.I was born and raised in Canada and met my husband in England 20 years ago.I've been a lampshade maker for the past 9 years,which I love.Art has been a passion of mine since I was a child and I studied fine arts in Canada before going overseas.Cake decorating is something I stumbled across and for me it is the perfect marriage of art and cooking as I have had many jobs cooking in kitchens over the years.It has slowly and steadily become an obsession of the years.I love challenging myself and trying to constantly polish my skills.But I could do without those high anxiety moments when things don't go according to planned!

-- penny


Marianne: Tastefully Yours Cake Art

Hi Penny,

I’m so glad I stumbled across your brand new page! Just wanted to be the first to write on your wall…if thats what it is actually called! Really looking forward to seeing the masterpieces you will post…. I am on this site way more than Facebook so I will be getting your notifications now that I am a follower of yours. Hope you have a fab Easter with your little family. xxx Marianne

Cleopatra cakes

I’m so happy to hear from you.I always get posts from Cakes Decor on facebook but never acually joined.How exciting! What have I been doing all this time? Now to figure it out! Hope you have a wonderful Easter as well! Xxx

Cleopatra cakes

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In the theme of Easter,this is my Russian inspired Faberge egg and rooster.I was lucky enough to have it place first as Judges choice in the Novelty category at Cake a Expo on the weekend.I just love Russian folk art and now that I got this one out of my system can’t wait to play with this style again. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Love your work…great cakes…

Cleopatra cakes

How lovely! Thanks so much!