I am a self-taught baker/cake decorator. My love of being in the kitchen began as a child when I remember my mother taking a correspondence cooking course through the mail (equivalent to today's online training courses I suppose), as she herself was not a very good cook, but needed to learn to feed her family. She taught me the basics of terminology, measuring and reading a recipe, and to this day if someone asks me "what can you cook", I simply reply "Give me the recipe and I can cook anything"! Although I'm very comfortable preparing a meal in the kitchen, I especially like the dessert aspect and have more recently gotten into cakes and decorating. Thanks to the Internet, I've really been able to learn quite a lot about the art of cake decorating, without leaving home! I wouldn't dare show up at a party without some type of dessert in hand, and I've even had friends and their friends order cakes from me. Perhaps when I retire from my real career, I'll turn this into a new business.


Welcome to cakesdecor, it’s a really helpful place, need anything just ask xx

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Thanks for the warm welcome. I joined this site mainly for the forum and have already received some helpful info. But I see there is a “blog” function as well. My friends were just telling me I should really start blogging about my cake making and I think it’s a great idea. Can you tell me if I blog here on this site, will I be able to publish my blogs publicly for others to view without having to register for the site?

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