Marilu 'Giare’ was born in Rome Italy, She is an artist who loves to explore art at 360 degrees. Professional cake designer, painter and decorator, nourishes always a deep passion for drawing, painting and decorating. In 2000 she opened a school of Art and decoration in the heart of Rome, Pantheon. The meeting with the Sugar Art takes place in 2009. She is founder of Cake Academy® one of the well known and appreciated School of Cake Design in Rome, . She approaches the colorful world of Cake design and remains overwhelmed. She teaches for 20 years. She holds professional courses and master cake design, modelling, sculpting and painting cake courses in Rome and in other Italian and foreign cities. She has written and collaborated with numerous important magazines dedicated to decorative and innovative painting techniques. She has written the first book published in Italy dedicated to gluten-free cake design’s techniques.
She has participated as a competition judge and teacher in many important national contests and events.

Her Awards :
bronze medal - gold medal at the International “Artistica” Competition 2014
two Silver medals at Cake International Show - London 2015
two Bronze Medals at Cake International Birmingham 2016
Gold Medal and two Silver Medals at Cake International Birmingham 2017

Amo dipingere, decorare, scolpire e modellare. Mi sono avvicinata al mondo del cake design con la curiosità' e lo spirito di un bambino. Quando creo il tempo si dilata. Credo che ogni torta debba essere considerata una piccola opera d'arte, un prezioso dono sensoriale che parli di noi e che avvolga chi lo riceve di sapore, profumo e colore !

I love to paint , decorate, sculpt and shape . I approached the world of cake design with curiosity ' and the spirit of a child. When I create time dilates . I believe that each cake should be considered a small work of art , a precious gift that speaks to us and sensory gift that peak of us and envelop those who receive it in flavor , aroma and color!


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